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45° Face mills

DN_H/G with 12-edges inserts

High productivity and reliability when machining at aggressive feeds
Maximized cutter body stiffness and enhanced cutting edge
Smooth machining and excellent chip evacuation
Minimized vibrations

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90° Shoulder mills with 4-edged inserts

MNHU04 /_09/_11/_14

True 90° shoulder milling capability
High positive geometry
High ramp down angle
High productivity due to fine pitch cutters

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90° End Mills with small 4 mm inserts

for THLS04

True 90° milling solution
Small 4 mm inserts
High positive geometry for low cutting force
Maximized productivity

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Mini sized 90° End Mill and High Feed Mill

with strong v-shaped insert

Minimum tool diameter: Ø8 (Z=2)
Strong insert clamping
Increased productivity
Excellent chip evacuation
Improved tool live
Wide range of applications

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Double-sided 8 corner insert

True 90° machining
Improved surface roughness
Reduced cutting forces
Strong insert clamping
Internal coolant supply

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High feed mill


Very smooth cutting geometry
4-edged insert
2 different insert geometries with 3 different carbide grades each
Screw-in type milling cutter with TopOn and TS-adaption
End mill cylindrical
Tool diameter range: Ø10/12/16/20/25 mm

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High feed mills

and inserts UNLU04/-06/09/-11

Insert with 4 cutting edges
Improved productivity
Smooth cutting and excellent insert rigidity
Applies to a variety of applications
4 insert sizes with 2 resp. 3 geometrys each and 4 different grades

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Copy mill

12L8J for finishing

Finish insert with barrel shape
2 radius sizes and 3 grades each
Large path distance = short machining times
Finishing at 90°-shoulders and mold inclines
Up to 2.7-fold increase of productivity compared to cutters with round inserts
Tool extensions in steel, carbide and heavy metal

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